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Welcome to L’Enchanteur et la Muse

I was delighted with the response to my suggestion and now that the chairs are filled we are ready to start our quest. The nature of this quest will unravel with the passage of time.
But, first we need to pack. We are going to take up residency in the long abandoned Grotto della Sibilla, in the Umbrian Mountains in Italy. The Grotto was first mentioned in mediaeval, not classical legends and the Sibyl pronounced her oracles there for hundreds of years.
I don’t have a recent map but I am sure we will manage to find the Grotto and will settle in quickly.
Now you have to think about what you will take with you, especially given that you will need this case to bring home the treasures you gather during our stay.
I want each of you to find a small suitcase and quite literally pack for our three month stay.

This is my travelling persona


When I was a child we used to play a memory game. A group of us would sit in a circle and the first one would start off “I packed my suitcase and in it I put …. “. The next child would repeat this sentence and add their item and so the game would proceed around the circle until someone forgot one of the items and we had to start over again.

Oh how I hate packing. I’m accustomed to packing as if I was going on an arctic expedition and the prospect of having to travel light fills me with dread. As I’ve reached that stage of my life frequently described as the mental pause I know I’m bound to forget something vital so I have decided to go against my grain and pack light, relying on the enchantress to supply me if I really need something. I must not forget my wits however even if I forget everything else. I have decided to take my hooded cape – made of swansdown and therefore light as the proverbial feather but waterproof – which will serve as my main outer garment. I will need a belt of some sort from which to hang my scallop shell (ancient symbol of all pilgrims) and my little gauze pouch with the seed pearls sown on to it. This, my shamanic bag, contains tree essences and crystals my friend, Jane of the Green Heart, has given me for this journey, and a dream catcher. In common with many people born under the sign of Pisces, I have problems with my feet – I would be much happier in water than on land – therefore I will pack my Mercury shoes, with the wings attached to the heels. These will assist me in my flights of imagination. One of the material objects I will take with me will be my digital camera without which I never travel for I surmise I will see many things of wonder and I would wish to preserve them in some more permanent way than my memory can. I will also need to take a journal, a pen filled with everlasting ink and some zip lock bags for storing all those found objects I will pick up.
I think I’m ready now.


Please let me know what you think about this post, I welcome your thoughts

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