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Two weeks in Duwamish

Dear Travellers
After having been on the road for eight weeks le Enchanteur has decided to let us stay in Duwamish for two weeks before moving on to the Lemurian Abbey for the performance in the banquet hall. By all accounts highwaymen have been marauding up and down the roads to the Abbey, kidnapping travellers and plundering and stealing things so it would not be a good idea to head down there for awhile. Hopefully they will get bored or the Amazonians will drum them out of the realm.
So make yourselves comfortable here and consider whether you want to set up a peddlar’s cart and if you are up to the final part of the journey. The final leg will take you to the Abbey, to Baba Yaga’s and on, by caravans, across the little desert, by camel, to the Amazon Queen’s Camp. At the Amazon Queens camp there will be great celebrations and preparations for the 2005 Advent Calendar which will be released during the 25 days of December.

Of course, the two weeks in Duwamish will not be boring. There is a trip planned to the Lemurian Archipelago and faucon has some Gusari Magic that he is going to provide for those who visit the nearby Gusari encampment. Trust me! le Enchanteur is not going to miss the Gusari Camp.

Just as well the Abbey has been put back for a few weeks is all I can say.

Night now thrill seekers

Out and about in Duwamish

Hello Everyone
I am not sure what you are all up to, how you are filling in your time in Duwamish but there are lots of ‘activities’ to choose from.

Let’s see: The Duwamish Curiosity Shop has opened in the Duwamish Cemetery. It is inside a Mausoleum with an amazing angel, rescued from New Orleans, gracing the door. The Curiosity Shop will be a most interesting place to visit if the creator of ‘Duwamish’, Anita Marie Moscoso is up to her usual tricks. And given the story about Ballast Island I figure she is firing on all cylinders right now.

Then we have the Gusari encampment in a glade not far from the Gypsies. Ken (faucon) is offering fabulous stuff for us about these ancient wanderers and is even offering, as a Gusari, to provide private reading. Too good to miss! I will be sending out invitations to join this later tonight but first Ken and I have to get some links right so that you can read up on the Gusari.

Apart from this a boat ride is planned for later in the week which will take us past the eerie Ballast Island and on to the Lemurian Archipelago where travellers will be able to spend time being creative on their own magic island tops, in custom prepared boat style sheds.

And Hermitage Publications will be providing an evening at the inn and you will be able to learn more about what is offering from them.

Last but not least travellers who have not been to the Isle of Ancestors may just want to get to the ferry and go on this once in a life time journey. this is not something you miss.

Whooo whooo said the White Owl as she dipped her wings and flew back towards White Owl Island.



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