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Venetian masks

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A Venetian “stick” mask which would be held in the hand

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One of the many mask shops in Venice

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Comments on: "Venetian masks" (2)

  1. Dear Wardrobe Mistress,

    I have looked at your most glorious display of masks and it has been hard to decide which one would suit me….

    Alas….there is one that has just become available today I see…

    The beautiful hand held small silver one looks just perfect for me….
    1.Not too large
    2.Suitable for a plain gal
    3.One that will still enable my beautiful brown eyes to be seen
    (My best feature)…

    I will order it from you W.M. straight away, and congratulations on your excellent
    and beautiful creations.Much better than trying on clothes ,for me anyway…Fashion and I don’t usually mix unless it is something soft,asian ,gypsy like a bit full around the hip area ,but a mask is my kind of accessory……..

    Lois (Muse of the Sea)

  2. I am so glad you have found something here that you like

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