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This was the first time I have used acrylics so it was very much an experiment. It was difficult to make it completely sensless as my eyes were used to choose the colours. First of all I folded a piece of watercolour paper in half and covered it with water. I then put dabs of acrylic paint on to the surface without trying to make any conscious pattern or design and tried to get some of the paint to run. I folded the paper in half and brayered it flat. (This was something we used to do with coloured inks and which I wanted to try again but couldn’t find my inks in my crowded craft room). Then I spritzed it with silver moonglow and sprayed fixative (which did smell) on to the surface which made the moonglow move across the paper. No sounds in the house – just the twittering of birds outside the kitchen window.
I had no idea of what the end result would be and I now have the perfect background for a future piece of work and I have the feeling that there is a ghostly figure lurking in there somewhere.


It’s time to play the numbers game


The instructions were to produce art like a child, using wax crayons, stencils, gold stars, etc. etc.

Inspire me Thursday 27.07.2006. This week’s challenge was to create a piece inspired by a non-visual art form, so this week let us find inspiration in music… a song, lyrics, a melody.

The background is made up of bits of music from different eras together with a depiction of “choreography or the art of describing dance” from a dance manual dated 1700 and an image of a metronome beating the time.


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