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On the first Sunday of every month from April through to October a flea market is held in the town of Arlon, just over the border from us, in Belgium. The town of Arlon is a delightful place itself but the draw of the flea market is irresistible. Some of the inhabitants have created a garden area for themselves where they have no garden ..

Today one of the stallholders had this beautiful Benin bronze for sale

The arrangement of the items for sale on this stall was a picture in its own right

Wooden figures

I found these lovely old labels in a box at one of the stalls, together with some old bills dated 1854. The labels would have been put on bottles of fruit liqueurs (local firewater to be more exact) and came from a local distillery. I am sure they will find their way into one of my collages sooner or later.

People come from far and wide to buy and sell here. There are dealers and ordinary people selling some of the clutter that has accumulated in their homes. Many of the residents of Arlon have turned their garage or ground floor of their home into a storage area for goods that they wish to sell. As you walk along the cobbled streets you can glance through doorways and see mountains of furniture, boxes of china, battered pictures, toys, old clothes and junk, junk, junk. However, it is fascinating just looking at what people will sell and what they buy.


Comments on: "a visit to the flea market in Arlon" (2)

  1. Carol-

    Your blog looks AMAZING!!! You’ve done such a wonderful job here!!! Ok, I know that getting your pics from one blog to this one is a pain in the arse, but to have all of your work in one place, here, oh, so worth it….it’s just such a visual feast, to come here.

    Hugs and love,


  2. Awesome, beautiful blog, and for me it’s very sentimental as you live close to where in my mind, “home” is (Beek, Limburg NL), Wonderful, really enjoyed browsing round.

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