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Trier is a beautiful city that lies over the border in Germany, about 45km from where I live. It has many historical associations as it was the most northern outpost of the Roman Empire when Constantine was Emperor. There are some wonderful roman remains, amongst them a magnificent triumphal arch, amphitheatre, remains of baths and other buildings. But there are also a number of ornately decorated baroque-style buildings and a huge cathedral. This is one of the buildings at the corner of the main square, where we stopped for coffee.

This is a detailed view of one of the carved figures on this building

This is the ornate entrance to St Gandolph’s church

This is the House of the 3 Kings, built in 1136 and recently completely restored

Detail of a column head – which could have come from the House of Serpents – in the doorway to the winegrowers union.

The back of the cathedral viewed from within the cloisters

Angel figures in the cloisters

The exterior of the fairy-tale pink and white roccoco palace

In the formal palace gardens we came across a magnolia tree with this weird-looking fruit – I think it  may be diseased as it looked distinctly deformed to me or maybe bits of it ripen faster than others


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