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Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM)

Luxembourg’s controversial new Museum of Modern Art (Musée d’Art Moderne) finally opened in July 2006. Built at a huge cost of some 88 million euros, and designed by the architect Pei (he who designed the Louvre’s pyramid) it has been built next to a site designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site (the 3 acorn fortress – so called because of the golden acorn shapes on the top of its towers). We went to visit it a month after it opened. This is a view of the old fortress which will eventually house a museum.

The front of the museum is in stark contrast to the old building.

The building is constructed of honey-coloured stone which comes from one particular quarry in the Burgundy region of France. The stone has been used to dramatic effect both inside and outside.

This is a side view

This is one of the first exhibits you see on entering the museum.

Looking for all the world like a huge hedgehog, it is in fact the skeleton of an old boat with golden arrows stuck in it.

In an adjoining room was this beautiful wooden sculpture

Anyone for modular shelving?

How to re-cycle all those coloured glass bottles you have been saving? – easy – just hang them from the ceiling and make a mobile with them.

This bas-relief is made of wood which has been carved and then painted. It depicts one of the many castles in Luxembourg.

In the museum shop we came across this chair for sale

The highlight of the visit – for me at any rate- were the stained glass windows in a wrought iron chapel that had been created in one of the exhibition spaces. But to see those, you will have to visit Anita Marie’s Hallowe’en Chamber of Horrors ….

Close to the new museum, the new Philharmonia building housing new concert facilities has also recently been completed.


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