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An artist’s open house

At the beginning of December we were invited to “an open house” held by our friend – the Canadian artist, Heather Carroll.

The banners on the outside of her house proclaim the goodies within:


language, apprenticeship, evolution, willingness and enrichment.

She specialises in sculpture and print-making.

This piece is called ‘silence’

This is ‘bird’

A selection of prints and pictures

‘word of mouth’                                                                         



and my two favourites, inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Este’s book “Women who run with wolves”

‘La llorona’


and ‘la loba’ (note the wolf’s “paws”)

These are both prints made from etchings in plexiglass.

“We all live in the same world yet in separate worlds of our own – parallel worlds, like an Escher engraving. We are continuously re-inventing the world about us.  Creating structures that enable us to live in this world as fearless and as comfortably as possible. Legends, myths, religions, superstitions, fear being a common denominator of all – and we are fearful creatures indeed. Idols, gods and goddesses, symbols, objects of ritual – interpreted individually according to one’s personal structure. These images and objects become extensions of ourselves, ambiguous, significant to some, not at all to others. Deities, god-like heroes, we create them, nurture them, idolize them and fear them. Is it a lizard or a god? A shroud or a wall-hanging? A mirror or an altar of worship? A symbol pf piety or pity? We are submerged in a torrent of symbols, occasionally reaching out of the turmoil to wrench one into our inner world, out of fear, for solace and protection.”


Comments on: "An artist’s open house" (1)

  1. What a treat to see these images – especially La Llorona – lucky you to be invited to such a rich visual feast.

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