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Christmas in Trier

Along with Strasbourg, Trier has its own Christmas market – albeit on a smaller scale – which attracts coachloads of tourists from near and far. Here are some of the photos I took when I went to visit it just before Christmas on a damp, grey day:

Whilst Strasbourg had opted for teddies as its theme, Trier had decided on reindeer.

Earth-mother-goddess figure in a modern representation

a simple, but effective alternative to a Christmas tree

even the lingerie shop had made an effort to dress its windows with a seasonal theme

Another simple but effective decoration seen in the window of a florist’s shop. Take one tall glass vase, lay branches and twigs across the top and then suspend pine cones, stars and greenery with natural raffia from the branches across the top of the vase. (Of course, we all have such large vases knocking around at home – grin)

A carousel entertains children in the market square

Views of the Christmas market itself, starting with the stall selling handblown and etched glass balls

Finally, I must have walked past this wrought-iron sign many times without realising that it advertises the toy museum – that’s for another visit


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