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A winter walk (1)

This past weekend we went to stay with a friend who lives towards the north of the country. Saturday morning dawned with sunshine and the lacy tracery of the bare tree branches was clearly visible against the blue sky.

A beautiful wrought iron gate spotted in a neighbouring garden.

We decided to take the dogs for a walk along the banks of the river Sûre between Gilsdorf and Bettendorf. The whole of the river valley was recently flooded as evidenced by the flotsam caught up in the trees (about 2m above the path) and jetsam strewn along the way. Much further down the track ears of sweetcorn (maize) had been washed down from the fields higher up the river.

The trees were alive with rooks squabbling over the best nesting places.

In Bettendorf we visited the garden shop aptly named Flower Power, where there was a great display of ceramic suns.

 View downstream from Bettendorf.

View upstream towards Gilsdorf.

After a restorative lunch in an Italian restaurant we returned the way we came. The male swan took umbrage at the dogs’ presence and hissed, flaring his wings in aggression mode at us.


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