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A winter walk (2)

On Sunday we visited friends in Wiltz for a late lunch. Our hostess is an excellent cook.


In between courses we were taken to visit ‘les jardins de Wiltz’ (the gardens of Wiltz) which belong to the Centre Prabbeli (a workshop for disadvantaged people). The building housing the centre was originally a brewery which has been converted into a modern, attractive, light and airy workspace. The gardens have been planned to take advantage of the stream that originally supplied the brewery and are tended by handicapped and unemployed people. Several foreign artists were invited to help in the restoration of the gardens and there are installations with quotes written upon them in the language of the people involved in the project – “keep back the darkness” one of them announces. The gardens are terraced, with various ponds and pools, and there are many arches over which climbing plants have been trained or where willow branches have been trained to form living arches. Although somewhat bleak in the wintry sun, these gardens must provide a visually fascinating haven later on in the year when there is more greenery.

A “happy accident” photo. I was really taken with this photo montage made by our host. It was only when I viewed my photo that I realised I had captured the reflection of one of the guests in the picture as well.


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