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Glimpses of Thailand

A selection of photos from a recent visit to Thailand.

White lotus blossom

white frangipani flowers

the pond in the garden

experimenting with the black and white setting on my camera

experiment with the sepia setting on my camera

unidentified shrub with creamy white bracts/flowers – possibly a variety of handkerchief tree

a variety of a Bird of Paradise plant family

no idea what this one is called, its rather obsene-looking red bracts were very popular with ants

the simplest of flower arrangements – a bowl of flowers floating in water, spotted in the airport departure lounge

At the night food market at Nathon pier I spotted this gentleman and his dog, kitted out in the latest fashion – a specially made-to-measure crocheted, lime green dress

A huge variety of food is on offer in Thailand, ranging from the edible – a breakfast mandala of fresh fruit

to the not-so edible (deepfried crunchy insects)

together with the possibility of sampling such delicacies as tamarind fruit, which smell disgusting – a bit like very ripe cheese and taste a bit like roasted garlic. Often used to flavour sauces as it is quite sweet when cooked. The purple fruit to the right of the picture are mangosteens – quite delicious. When you manage to get inside them the fruit looks a bit like a segmented lychee with a large stone and tastes like a cross between a lychee and a strawberry.

Here be dragon fruit (the pink ones), apples and longan (a member of the lychee family)

Fruit salad-in-waiting

Small oranges/mandarins, apples, longan, mangosteens, pink apples

and the heavily armoured jack fruit – tastes disgusting – like bubblegum and the juice is so sticky that it’s  almost impossible to get your hands clean afterwards

One day we took a boat trip part way around the island of Koh Tao, famous for its diving possibilities

The black smudge around the boat is a “fish ball” – a huge shoal of fish, which moves together as if the whole lot had one single mind of its own

feeding frenzy as the fish fight to eat the cooked rice grains we have scattered on the surface of the water

3 squid fishing boats tied together, with huge fluorescent lights hanging from the gantries hanging over the sea which attract the squid to the surface at night

and, finally, two murals painted on the walls of the new international airport in Bangkok


Comments on: "Glimpses of Thailand" (5)

  1. I particularly like the sea images. That image with the shoal of fish is fascinating.

  2. Thailand must be an absolute smorgusboard for the senses Carol. Your images capture its rich diversity.

  3. A wonderful travelogue, Carol. Such colorful scenery.


  4. Gorgeous everywhere you look, even at your breakfast plate…

  5. Marvellous tour, Carol. Thanks for the tip about the Jack Fruit, rather be forewarned with that one! Everything else, so pretty to look at, and the flowers!! Love the colour of the water, a dream, and also loved the murals. What a trip!

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