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Strasbourg has beautiful municipal gardens where the plantings are regularly changed. In early September they were a mixture of reds and bronzes with texture achieved through the addition of various grasses and some members of the cabbage family.

On an early morning to walk I photographed these drops of rain hanging off the ends of bamboo leaves with the sun making them shine like so many diamonds.

My namesake plant is variously known as Traveller’s Joy or Wayfarer’s Joy or Old Man’s Beard. The photograph shows the 3 stages of its existence – flowers, flowers turning to seed heads and fully fledged seed heads.

Strasbourg is also blessed with some fascinating shop fronts. Here are three which I pass on a regular basis. Firstly the artichoke café, secondly a childrens bookshop and lastly a master baker’s – I think the strange animal above the door is a bear eating a pretzel.

I went into this childrens’ bookshop to ask if the name meant something special. Literally translated it means “syrup of the streets”. Apparently when children spend much of their time out of doors, either playing in the streets or wandering around, they absorb much of what they see/hear and this is known as taking in the syrup of the streets. I think the nearest equivalent must be “to become street-wise”. If I had children I would spend hours in this shop as its owners dedicate much time and energy to  make it a really appealing place, together with organising workshops and getting authors to autograph copies of their books.

This is a master baker’s shop. I think the animal devouring the pretzel is a young bear. Many years ago bears would have been a natural sight in the forests surrounding Strasbourg.


Comments on: "Strasbourg municipal park + shop fronts" (5)

  1. shewolfy728 said:

    I would so love to visit Europe some day and see these wonderful old streets and shops and gardens. Thank you for letting me be an armchair traveler today.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful tour!

  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Europe. Your photos remind me it is time to set a goal and go again! Sooner rather than later!

  4. Absolutely divine, Carol. I’ll have a king sized salty pretzel, thanks, with butter. Love all of this. It’s great to see this area.

  5. where is strasborg? Looks so lovely!

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