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Fish out of water

A new challenge blog started up this week, called Fluffy Flatbottom’s Twisted Tuesday and the first challenge was to make a postcard sized piece of art on the theme of Fish out of Water.

 In the second half of the eighteenth century the hair of the fashionable world in England soared to new heights and some truly preposterous hair-do’s were seen out and about. This is my tongue-in-cheek version of an aquarian-themed hairdo.


Comments on: "Fish out of water" (13)

  1. I really enjoyed this site, and it is great to see our foodies active there, particularly Bo. I will tag this as a favourite site. Thanks for the link!

  2. This is FANTASTIC!! I Love, love,love it!! Thank you so much for joining the challenge!! Suzan

  3. This truly is brilliant and absolutely hilarious. What an imaginative “take” on our theme. Thanks so much for participating.

  4. Audrey Meijs said:

    Wow, great!

  5. That hairdo must be heavy! Great piece, love it!

  6. Joanne Austin said:

    It’s wonderful Carol, nicely done. And it got a much-needed smile out of me today. Thanks!

  7. Hey, I love it!

  8. Very creative! You have quite the flair!

  9. What a super cool image!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

  10. This is a fabulous interpretation of the them Carol. Bravo!

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