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Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue so I decided to go for a walk in the town centre at lunchtime to see how some of the shop windows had been decorated for the occasion. It seemed that love was indeed in the air …….

note the hearts on the girl’s skirt

chocolates …….

The rose covered heart cushions are under glass domes which had perfect reflections of the buildings opposite them. This was really difficult to photograph successfully as I didn’t want myself to be in the picture and the window was all steamed up as well.


Comments on: "Love is in the air" (8)

  1. Love is indeed in the air. Love your pictures, Lori. Your pictures are fantastic.


  2. Great photos! Particularly love the second one. 😉

  3. No, I can’t take credit for these, Vi. This Carol’s wonderful work.

  4. What a lovely tour, Carol.

  5. Great video, too. It felt good just watching it!

  6. Many gold stars for you Carol 🙂 This is a wonderful post.

  7. shewolfy728 said:

    I love the Valentine’s photos and the you-tube pictures. Nice Valentine’s post!

  8. Such inspiration in the streets, some great photos.

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