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04.04 It was our last day today so went for a walk around Bodrum, stopping on the way in to admire the view of the bay with the castle and marina.

The town, winter population of 32,000 and summer population of 470,00, is a beguiling mix of old and new with, for example, ancient cisterns juxtaposed against modern hotel buildings.

In the older parts of the town you can sometimes catch of a glimpse of a garden behind high walls with mandarin and lemon trees.

here is a variety of double jasmine flowering at the moment which I have never seen before whose flowers look like primrose sized pale yellow pompoms which smell divine. Purple wisteria trails around the houses and there are yellow mimosa trees everywhere. Pennywort grows on the trunks of some the palm trees. I had only seen this plant growing on old stone walls before.

In the marina P was hard pushed to decide whether she wanted the bike or one of the boats

so we went into a typical tea shop while she considered the matter

We went into this shop where reproductions of original ceramic pieces are made for some of the world’s museums and were lucky enough to be given a guided tour by one of the artists who, curiously enough, had studied in Australia and who announced that P was a very cute witch after I had explained in my haltering Turkish who she was and what she was doing. After that we continued our conversation with his Australian accented English. When I commented that some pictures that I saw lying in the shop were orientalist pictures he showed us some of the very special pieces in the shop, some of them based on the designs by William Morris and William de Morgan whose own work had been heavily influenced by the Islamic designs. P was photographed in this magnificent stone glazed pot which was for sale at a cool USD3,500 – a very special piece.

He was happy to allow me to take as many photographs as I wanted, explaining that his master’s policy is to be as open as possible. I was quite surprised at this as previous attempts to take photographs in some other shops have met with a blunt refusal – they were afraid that I wanted to copy their designs.

As we left Bodrum we stopped for a quick look at the old amphitheatre where concerts are held in the summer and for a last look at the bay below us.


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