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out and about in Turkey

Sunday 30.03 the clocks went back during the night and when we woke, to a glorious blue sky and sunshine, it was bitterly cold with a north wind blowing. A friend had told us we should go to Bitez on the south side of the peninsula as it has a different climate from where are and is sheltered from the winds. She said that was where everyone went for Sunday lunch in the winter and that it was much too hot to go there in the summer. It was a part of the peninsula we had not been to before and we eventually found our way down to the beach area and asked for directions to the Sultan restaurant.

Tables and chairs covered the beach area with people enjoying the first real sunshine for the last week. We took our places and decided to eat from the buffet. By the time we got there, there was not much left but there was enough for us and afterwards we lingered in the warmth over a Turkish coffee – P’s first.

I don’t think she was much impressed with it – it’s very strong and there’s never very much of it and there’s always a good helping of sludge at the bottom. Afterwards we drove back to the house.

The weather has been appalling for the last few days – cold and pouring with rain. The houses here are not built to retain heat and so we have been shivering under the blankets and reading.

03.04 We went for a walk around two of the local markets, both of which sell both fruit and vegetables and household goods and clothes.

C says she has never seen such large cabbages as the ones locally grown. Local farmers bring their goods to sell and you can see the farm women, wearing their baggy trousers, sitting with sometimes just a few bunches of wild flowers or herbs.

This gentleman had brought a wheelbarrow full of lemons.

Dried chillies and mushrooms hang from stalls and dried chickpeas and cloves have been up in ornamental patterns in between which the ubiquitous blue “evil eye” beads have been incorporated into the design.

These large flat pancakes, filled with cheese and spinach, potatoes or just plain cheese, are quite delicious.

Bougainvillaea plants of all colours can be found on sale everywhere.

Afterwards we walked through the streets of Yalikavak. The pedestrian alleyways are covered with huge sheets of sailcloth in the summer to keep the streets shaded and there are small bars and cafes on every corner.

the mosque was dazzlingly white against the sky


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