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17.04 we set off for the UK yet again, this time for a week in Lynmouth ( in North Devon with C’s parents. We had glorious weather for our drive over but I have to say that the cross-channel trip left a lot to be desired. I think I would have done better flying although I might well have got blown off course and that sea really did not look very inviting. We drove along the south coast of England, and a very green and pleasant land it is at the moment with masses of cowslips and bluebells in flower.

Our home for the next week is a small cottage, called Many Waters, on the Glen Lyn estate.

A notice at the entrance warns motorists that the cats are deaf. They might have been deaf but there was absolutely nothing wrong with their noses for they arrived every morning just as bacon and eggs were served!

C’s family have been staying here, usually the last week in April, for the last 40 years and it has become a home from home. The living room is wood-panelled with a number of antique ceramic plates balanced precariously on the ledge at the top of the panelling. It looks out into the manor building, garden (with statue) and birds land on the window ledge to feed (and be admired!).

Woodland walks on the hillside above the cottage lead up through the gorge to a waterfall at the top. Depending on the amount of recent rainfall this waterfall can be quite spectacular. The water now powers a hydro-electric pump which provides enough power for the estate. Excess water is used to fuel the water cannon which provides much enjoyment to youngsters visiting the estate.

Indeed, Lynmouth suffered heavily in the floods of August 1952 when many of the buildings were completely destroyed and many people lost their lives ( and ( – a storytelling exercise.

In this photograph the stone fireplace on the far side of the river indicates the level of the floodwaters in 1952.

Views of the village and harbour of Lynmouth


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