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Apt in Provence

we went to Provence in June. The winter and spring have been much wetter than usual resulting in a much greener landscape than we are used to seeing. The poppies were in exuberant and widespread bloom,

forming rivers of red running through the landscape.

The cherries were being harvested while we were there, their bending the tips of the branches.

We were too early to see the lavender in full flower but you can still get an idea of what the fields would look like a couple of weeks later. This field was close to where we were staying.

These are fields around the abbaye de Senanque just outside Gordes

One day we went to the visit the fontaine de Vaucluse.

This is a natural spring which sends thousands of gallons down the hillside. Usually at this time of year there would not be much water but this time it was the fullest I have ever seen it. The water is a bright blueish green (must be copper in there somewhere). This is where the water comes up from the spring before it starts flowing downhill.

The market in nearby Coustellet was colourful but we weren’t tempted to buy anything, although I was

tempted by this piece of sculpture

early morning view of the valley


Comments on: "Apt in Provence" (5)

  1. woodnymph said:

    Oh, what a beautiful location. Your pictures are lovely. And that sculpture is
    wonderful–Did you buy it?


  2. shewolfy728 said:

    What a beautiful place. That spring is incredible!

  3. Stunning. I would love to live in an area like this of such beauty. And that green water looks so refreshingly COLD.

  4. How absolutely beautiful are your photos!! It gives my travelling legs itchy feet again. We had a great trip to UK a month ago and loved Barcelona. We really enjoyed looking at the works of Gaudi and saw so many of the sights that you shared with us in your photos. So thanks

  5. ÒMG! These photos are simply stunning! I want to go there…now…….

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