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Vulcania here we come

Word reached me by raven a couple of days ago of a new cruise ship, the SS Vulcania,  setting sail on Twelth Night (6 January) for a Trans Lemurian Seas voyage. I have long wanted to sail in this part of the world. However, my own ship is currently out of commission having been seized by pirates off the coast of Turkey somewhere between the meeting of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. They have confiscated all my worldly goods and are currently holding me to ransom. It remains to be seen whether I can get myself out of this tricky situation. With a departure date set for 7 days hence I am not sure whether I can make it in time or whether I will need to summon the aid of the genie in the bottle or hitch a ride on any available magic carpet that happens to put in an appearance. Anyway, the pirates didn’t get their filthy hands on my trunk which contains all my really personal possessions – journal, digital camera, sketchbook and paints, a good pair of shoes and a few basic clothes.

The pictures alone on the inside of the lid could provide me with inspiration should I ever run short.  I spend my days scanning the horizon for help but so far there has been so sign of any other living thing on the high seas, apart from the occasional cormorant,  pelican and shoal of flying fish.

Perhaps an offering to Vulcania will be required …..


Comments on: "Vulcania here we come" (7)

  1. Wonderful beginning …can’t wait to hear how you get free 🙂

  2. I just knew your vision of the Vulcania was going to be amazing.

  3. Loved this, Carol!!

  4. Maybe you could jump off board one night, on the trunk and use it as a raft?

  5. Wonderful! I was enthralled reading this!

  6. I am so glad you still have your sense of humour intact Carol 🙂 This really is a wonderful post and I adore the trunk.

  7. oh so good to have you back and i lo ve the inside of that trunk!

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