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Thailand 03 Sukothai area

We arrived in Sukothai at 16.30 but it was very difficult to find the Lotus Village where we were hoping to stay. We found it by accident at last and got the last but one room, in a teak house on stilts, which we had to share with another couple. No problem because each room had its own bathroom. The Lotus village consists of a number of teak bungalows in a lovely garden setting.

However, what the guide book doesn’t warn visitors about are the mosquitoes. Also the ponds are home to numerous frogs – fortunately while we were there they were only at the tadpole stage but we learned from other guests who had stayed there previously that the racket from the croaking of the frogs is unbearable.

We went for dinner at the Dream Café which was recommended by the Lotus village, a mere ten minute walk from the hotel, decorated with wood carvings and lots of antiques – exactly my favourite sort of restaurant.

We walked back at 10pm, it was very quiet everywhere. The vegetable stall holders were all asleep at their stands ready for the market early next morning.

The next day we drove the short distance between old andnew Sukothai to visit the historical park. We were glad that we knew that it was possible to take the car into the park as it would have been very hot and uncomfortable visiting the different sites by bike, as a couple of young Germans staying at the LV did. On foot it would have been impossible as the site covers some 70 square km.

Who should we meet at the Ramkamhaeng statue but the 3 Swiss gentlemen we had met on the sunset cruise at Nong Khai.

We visited the Ramkamhaeng museum and then visited Wat Si Chum outside the old city walls.

The following day we drove south to Kamphaeng Phet where we visited the arunyik (forest) temples built here by   Sukhothai-era monks in a wooded area to encourage meditation.

One of the temples, Wat Chang Rob, is “surrounded by elephants” but there’s not much left of them.


Comments on: "Thailand 03 Sukothai area" (3)

  1. Thailand, through your camera lens, is very alluring Carol. One day I will leave Australia again.

  2. Oh, my! I just keeps getting better. The temples and statues and…how did you get these magnificent photos without tourists? I’ll be meeting Heather in Australia and we’ll travel to day.

  3. Sigh, I came to look at your photos of Thailand cos it’s probably the place I miss the most. Been there 3 times. Could go back any time…….
    You take beautiful photos! Thanks for making me travel again from home!

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