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Walking on the beach yesterday I found this piece of sea weed. To me it looks as if someone has dropped a piece of crochet which has become partially unravelled by the action of the waves. Was it a garment worn by a mermaid of the deeps?

In my mailbox I found a message from Illustration Friday announcing that this week’s theme was “intricate” – how appropriate I thought. I changed the image to a negative.

and then altered the colour/hue saturation to get this.

It now looks quite otherworldly.


Comments on: "Intricate" (12)

  1. Or like a light glowing with life from within a womb. Beautiful piece of seaweed.

  2. What luck, Lori, coming across this beautiful piece of sea weed. The original is gorgeous, but my goodness, it begs for an artist’s hand. And what you have done with it is inspirational.


  3. celticsea said:

    It looks like a biology slide! Very cool!

  4. it looks like a lung, breathing.

  5. When I was little I thought that if you saw a lot sea weed it meant a monster had gotten loose. I’d forgotten all about that. It was a fun memory, thank you for bringing it back to me

  6. What the discerning eye can see. Lovely, Fran

  7. I love what you have done here, it is fun to take something and transform it into a visual metaphor, how wonderful!

  8. I love finding different kinds of seaweed on the beach, but urgh!!!I do not like it when it wraps around my legs when I am in the water swimming. Love the original photo and the way you have changed it in the others.

  9. That’s seaweed? It really does look like crocheted lace. And I like how you manipulated the photo. Now it looks like something from outer space.

  10. This is really quite extraordinary. Nature really is the supreme creator and your working as one with her brings great results.

  11. amazing seaweed. i almost want to get it and make a dress or scarf out of it.

  12. nature’s own crochet, just beautiful! Must have been fun to alter it – and it certainly fits the “intricate” bill!

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