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Kykkos monastery

One day we drove up through the Troodos mountains, where there were still traces of snow on Mt Olympos, to visit the monastery at Kykkos, famous for its (modern) mosaics. The road wound up the mountain through pineforests and panoramic views of hillsides cultivated on terraces could be glimpsed between the trees.

Front and rear entrances to the monastery

This is the last resting place of President Archbishop Makarios. The colonnaded walkways have paintings on the ceilings and walls as well as many modern mosaics depicting biblical scenes.It is forbidden to take photographs in the museum, which houses a magnificent collection of religious artefacts and treasure,  and the church (gold everywhere) but you can see a couple of photos here. However, the rest of the monastery which is open to the public provided plenty of photo opportunities.

The ceiling paintings are dedicated to the Virgin of the sea

But it was the mosaics which were the most impressive.

After our visit to the monastery we drove back down the mountains through the cherry orchards


Comments on: "Kykkos monastery" (4)

  1. celticsea said:

    I envy your being able to see that magnificent art in person!

  2. Carol, these images are breathtaking! The colors of the church mosiacs and paintings vibrate with energy. That must have been a spectacular trip.

  3. Stunningly beautiful work-I have to agree-utterly breath taking. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Breathtaking was the word that sprang to mind as I looked at these icons. Clearly we have all had a similar reaction to your photographs.

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