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On another day we went to Paphos to visit the archeological park and its collection of ancient mosaics. The park area covers the site of ancient Paphos and the mosaics form some of the floors of the ancient houses. Once the capital of Graeco-Roman Cyprus, Nea Paphos has been included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

A depiction of the 4 seasons

This mosaic, depicting Scylla, is made of pebbles rather than the usual tesserae.

All that is left of the Byzantine castle in the archeological park, with a view through the arch to modern Paphos

Unfortunately the mosaics were very difficult to photograph but it was still a real thrill to see them. When they were first laid they must have been stunningly beautiful. Although faded it is obvious that there was a great variety of colours used and a high degree of craftmanship.


Comments on: "Paphos" (3)

  1. celticsea said:

    I love that the arch remains.

  2. It is stunning to be so close to something so Ancient. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I never can quite grasp the sheer quality of the craftsmanship with mosaics like this. Gorgeous photos Carol.

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