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spring is yellow

If you were to ask me “what colour is  Spring?” I would answer, without hesitation, Yellow. After an exceptionally wet winter (and the rain still continues), this part of Turkey has been blessed with a beautiful Spring with masses of yellow flowers everywhere. At first it was pure yellow, followed by the occasional splash of blue or purple (tiny little irises). Now it’s back to yellow again but with the bloody splashes of the poppies. In Europe the poppies flower much later (usually in June) and here they are a much more intense colour. How many different yellows can you count? I’ve lost count now with the wild fennel, yellow daisies, mustard flowers, mimosas,  pale and dark yellow brooms, gorse, yellow poppies and “black”-  which are actually yellow – Mulleins.


Comments on: "spring is yellow" (7)

  1. Carol these are simply beautiful– thanks for sharing and writing of the seasons and place !!

  2. Ahhhhhhh………… lovely. Turkey looks like California, or vice-versa, except for those brilliant red flowers. What are those? They are stunning.

  3. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your travels with us and the colorful images, all of them, you captured along the way.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous–thank you so much for sharing….

  5. These pictures are stunning…. the depth of the red of those poppies is just wonderful.

  6. Spring in Turkey is clearly something to behold.

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