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Bodrum castle museum

Last week we went to visit Bodrum’s castle and underwater archaeology museum. A gentle uphill walk, past this beautiful gravestone, mounted on the wall, takes you up to the main body of the castle.

The crusader’s chapel houses a lifesize replica of a 7th century Greek trading vessel.

In the courtyard a number of artists  had set up stalls and we selling their artwork. On this stall reproductions of the famous red on black/black on red Greek pottery were being sold. According to the information provided on the stall the artists are amongst the limited number approved to produce and sell this type of pottery.

A fine example of a geometric mosaic

The prickly pear cactus flowers were just beginning to appear

The castle itself

the (originally christian) chapel in the foreground with the more recent addition of a muslim minaret

part of the stonework frieze around the top of the small ampitheatre showing various theatrical masks

In the main castle building there was an exhibition of art incorporating calligraphy

Noah’s ark

A collection of amphorae showing the variety of shapes and sizes. They were used to transport mostly grain, oil and wine which were traded around the shores of the Mediterrranean sea thousands of years ago. These had been found in a number of wrecks in the area.

View of Bodrum marina from the castle walls

close-up photograph of a shrub with very dramatic flowers. Does anybody know what it is called?

another dramatic tree, again unidentified, with a very handsome jackdaw posing for its picture


Comments on: "Bodrum castle museum" (8)

  1. celticsea said:

    What magnificent art – of the manmade and Mother Nature variety!

  2. Wow! Quite beautiful…the castle and the nature are incredible and the art is fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to share your travels with us.

  3. cronelogical said:

    Thank you For showing us a part of the world, so beautiful when it is not possible to go..I have loved your travel pictures always. Fran

  4. The calligraphy is amazing! And the strange flowers.

  5. Beverly said:

    I lived in Izmir from 86-88 and our family LOVED it. Of course, we also visited Bodrum. Are you just visiting Turkey?

  6. Oh, my, such interesting sites. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing.


  7. There is such beautiful work, and your pictures are great. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. The diversity and richness is what stands out for me Carol. Magnificent photographs. You really have seen so much.

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