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on the run

Yesterday we went for a run with the Bodrum Hash House Harriers. Well, actually, we walked the course whilst others, keener, younger and fitter, ran the course on a hot afternoon (26 degrees C). It started off gently enough, on the level alongside the sea, past the fish restaurants of Yalikavak and then turned inland and uphill.These brightly coloured Amaryllis provided a splash of colour en route

and the painted front of this house provided a welcome change from uniformity of some of the modern housing developments.

On the outskirts of the village the dwellings are more like self sufficient smallholdings

Higher up the hill we passed some beautiful gardens

before leaving the road altogether and climbing up a watercourse.  Pale pink wild orchids grew amongst the grasses

This is where the going got rougher as we stepped from stone to stone up a watercourse trying not to get our feet wet, with our eyes on our feet we missed the branches that swiped at our heads in passing. High on the banks I caught side of the dark green, heart shaped leaves of cyclamen plants.

Gnarled old olive trees punctuated the hillside

The higher we climbed, the more exclusive and grandiose the houses became

When we finally reached the top the view was absolutely stunning

On the way down the other side we spotted this Asian-style stupa in one of the gardens.

This luxurious house was for sale – probably in the millionaire league

This beautiful tiled plaque was at the gated entrance

as was this beautiful natural picture

more prickly pear cacti and bee hives


Comments on: "on the run" (6)

  1. celticsea said:

    It’s a good thing you walked or you would have missed a lot of the amazing scenery!

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! I love the olive tree. It has so much character and looks like it could tell a thousand stories!

  3. Beautiful! Oh, yeah, I can see you sitting pretty in one of the hillside mansions!

  4. Your pictures have given me a huge case of wanderlust.


  5. breath taking

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