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postcards from Thailand

Here are just a few of the photos I took in Thailand a few months ago. June is not the best time to go because the weather can be a bit uncertain but we certainly didn’t expect  so few tourists to be there. On a couple of occasions we were the only people in the hotel!

We had some very stormy weather:

which did result in some quite dramatic sunsets:

pictures from nature:

If you look at about 11 o’clock from the top of the trunk you will see the  little owl that was looking down at me

a pink lotus bud with a small green cricket-like creature

full blown flower

a white one

the seedhead

raindrops on lotus leaves

flamboyant tree flowers scattered on the ground

fruit comes in all shapes and sizes; the hairy ones are rambutans. We were later to discover, when we got to Bali,  that the word “rambut” in Indonesian also means barber. The knobbly fruit are custard apples which have a very short season.Inside they are white and fluffy with a single black seed in each segment. They are quite delicious.

a natural still life

patterns in the sand made by the outgoing tide

a temple in the building. In former times temples were constructed of wood but now they are made of cast concrete.  The whole building has been painted with this red undercoat. When it’s finished it  will be painted in bright colours with lots of gold everywhere.

detail of some of the mouldings

a local cat takes advantage of a shady spot between the feet of one the huge statues guarding the entrance to the temple

and finally – children at the nearby temple school have decorated the bare concrete walls with the environmentally friendly message “love the earth”


Comments on: "postcards from Thailand" (8)

  1. what beautiful pictures of nature in all its complexity from calm beauty to turbulent storms. thank you for sharing.

  2. Your nature shots are amazing!

  3. Really like the natural still life. Beautiful composition. Nice work!

  4. My favorite was the one labled “Natural Still life “.
    It looked like a creature crawling away from the tide.

  5. How wonderful, you find delight for all of us. Fran

  6. Bravo, Carol! Once again you have broadened my horizons. Since I don’t have the means to take such trips, I am living vicariously through you! Where are we going next???

  7. Great shots, all of them, but I particularly like the first one of the storm sweeping in. Oh, and the cat… I like the cat shot. 🙂

  8. Just beautiful! Love the seashore photos.

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