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a true ghost story

After waiting in eager anticipation for the buildings to be finished sufficiently for them to move in two lots of friends of ours finally moved earlier this year, each of the two families concerned moved into a duplex apartment (garden level and first floor).

The apartments, two in each building, (there are a total of 6 buildings I think) are built in an L-shape around a swimming pool on the slope of a valley which provides beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Sounds idyllic?

It was until night fell. Neither of the two wives slept a wink for the first few nights. They both felt that there were presences in their apartments. M, who has apparently had quite a lot of psychic experiences in the past involving seeing spirits, was particularly badly affected. B was too but to a lesser extent. However, on the second night both women were so scared that they didn’t even want to get out of bed to go to the toilet without their husbands, and were contemplating installing a bucket in the bedroom.

M said she felt there were several presences in their apartment. They didn’t interact with her in any way, they were just there. B said she just felt really frightened. The husbands were somewhat sceptical about the wives’ feelings. I can’t remember how we got on to the subject, sitting over a glass or two in the bar which B runs, but it just happened that friends of ours were staying with us for a week and P is a dowser. He offered to go round to the apartments and dowse the apartments and surrounding land to see what he could find.

Armed with two arms of a metal coat hanger in lieu of his normal dowsing rods, for want of anything more suitable, P walked around the land for a while allowing the rods to move. After a while he had ascertained that both the apartments were built on negative ley lines ( . P’s theory is that the ley lines are probably magnetic forces running underground, similar to invisible contour lines and that birds, for example, use them to find their way when migrating. Holy places, such as churches, cathedrals and other places of worship, are quite often built on the intersection of some of these lines. There are positive lines and negative lines and a sufficient build-up of negative lines can lead to geopathic stress ( The polarity of negative lines can be reversed to provide a better quality of life for the sufferer (we knew one at home who suffered severely). P demonstrated to both ladies and their sceptical husbands just how the rods moved to show the presence of the lines.  However, the problem with these two apartments was more the presence of the spirits. He advised them to place in the ground at each of the four corners of the building and under every door and window a piece of wire bent into the shape of a keyhole (but without the bit at the bottom) about 25cm high. He wasn’t quite sure why it should be this shape, thinking maybe it had something to do with the Greek symbols for alpha and omega and I was the one to point out the keyhole shape and similarity to the Egyptian ankh. Then salt or holy water should be sprinkled in a circle around each building. The addition of a crucifix above the front door might also be beneficial. He said that the spirits would now be prevented from gaining entry into the apartments and would have to go round on either side and would thus leave our friends alone.

His instructions were carried out to the letter and both ladies have reported getting a good night’s sleep. M said she found it difficult the first night after putting the metal shapes in place because she was anticipating feeling the presences again but she said that she just heard a rushing noise outside. It will be interesting to hear whether their comfort levels will improve.

All went well through the summer but M recently told me that they have returned …..


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