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architectural Bali

It’s hard to separate this from the spiritual because so many of the buildings are temples, but we visited a couple of palaces which, of course, also included holy areas.

The following photos are of of Klung Kung.  We were advised that this was a “sacral area” and that we needed to don sarongs to enter.

This is known as a split entrance and is a common feature of all temples

figure at the entrance of the justice room

The painted ceiling of the justice room

ceiling detail

more ceiling painting in another area of the complex

close inspection of these ceiling paintings revealed them to be of a particularly bloodthirsty nature. Because of the high humidity the paintings need to be restored or re-painted on a regular basis

Klung gate

guarded by figures wearing top hats and black and white checked “skirts”. The figures reminded me, somewhat irreverently, of Winston Churchill!

outside the complex this huge concrete figure had been erected on a roundabout.

Pura Taman Ayun was another water temple surrounded by lotus and lily ponds

Ubud palace complex, door detail

the musicians’ platform

many families may live together in one complex; they simply build a new building to accommodate the new arrivals

every complex will have its shrine area, kitchen and eating areas and sleeping areas. These are pictures of a typical family complex, invariably tantalisingly hidden behind a high wall – the straw mushroom constructions are shrines

If there is not enough room at ground level you simply build on top

This sign (the split gate) means you are approaching a temple

The sea temple at Tanah Lot, probably one of the most photographed temples on the island. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t in the right place for optimum photos even though the place was packed with people wanting to take sunset photos


Comments on: "architectural Bali" (2)

  1. Exquisite! The ceiling paintings are amazing and I am so glad you got so much detail. The carvings on the post are pretty incredible, too. The last photo doesn’t even look real. It looks like a place I could go to in my dreamtime. Thank you soooooo much, Carol!

  2. Absolutely stunning, I shall spend a long time here looking at these again and again.

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