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Artistic Bali

Evident from the lowliest shrine offering (see spiritual Bali) through batiks, ikat woven fabric, sarongs, paintings, masks, woodcarvings and temple decorations (even on cars).

a wooden carving of birds in a guava tree

this face was above the entrance door to a shop

Fabric-seller street in Denpasar (the capital)

batik fabric for sale

kebayas – the elaborate cutwork blouses, sold as fabric lengths which then need to be made up by a seamstress

lengths of sarong fabric

these two large shells are made out of onyx

a traditional style painting, filled with detail!

Even the shop fronts are decorated and there are regular competitions to see who has the best decorated shop

One weekend we went to stay at Ubud which is known as the artistic centre of the island; many different crafts are represented here and in the surrounding villages.

a master carver putting the finishing touches to the hind end of an iguana

a basket weaver on the outskirts of Ubud

she told me that this basket will take her about a week to make, working up to 10 hours a day.

and some of her baskets

these ones have been decorated with beads

baskets of a slightly different design for sale in the shop next door

Our visit coincided with the Bali Arts Festival. We went on the penultimate night and were among only half a dozen foreigners there. We were treated to dancing and a “competition” between two rival village gong and xylophone orchestras.

a selection of masks for sale at the festival

mask for a barong (lion) dance

I liked the way the Garuda figure matched the kebaya of this stand’s owner

dancers await their turn at the arts festival

members of one of the xylophone teams; long hair seems to be “de rigueur” and ladies lacking supplement their hairdo with big fluffy artificial chignons

One night in Ubud we watched local children perform traditional dances.

note the whitened skin on their faces. As in Thailand fair skins are much appreciated.

front of the shop called “theatre” in Seminyak with the tragic and comic masks decorated with the traditional red pennants

tribal necklaces for sell – not sure if these are traditional Balinese!

a traditional dancer’s head dress for sale

this bustier has to be a must for Le Enchanteur’s wardrobe – it’s all turquoise and mother of pearl – beautiful

My favourite eatery in Seminyak, Baku’s, started life as a traditional building housing an antiques business. When it changed hands its new owners decided to open it up as a cafe/restaurant retaining the antiques for sale and including a bookshop in the corner – now that’s my idea of heaven. The food was very good too.

It sells an eclectic mix of European-style stuff and local artefacts

These figures typically come in pairs

in a modern twist on the traditional, this Budhha head and the circles with holes in them appear to be made from some sort of recyled glass and resin


Comments on: "Artistic Bali" (3)

  1. Fabulous, Carol! I always enjoy “traveling” with you. I like the way you have organized this by category. Now I can come back when I have a little more time and pick up where I left off.

    And, yes, that bustier is oh-so-Heather! LOL!

  2. Uh, oh! My daughter wants to lay claim on the bustier. Turquoise is her birthstone. But I think she would wear it once and pass it on to Heather.

    Carol, you are such an incredible traveler and you are so lovely to take us with you. Why, I’ve never been to the parts of the world you have and I’m loving it that you share it all so well!

  3. oh those fabrics, so, so gorgeous … beautiful, beautiful work

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