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Bali introduction

Bali is the odd one out in the Indonesian archipelago of 17,000 islands in that its main religion is Balinese Hinduism as opposed to the Muslim religion practised in the other islands.

Memories that will remain forever are those of kites flying high in the skies in the windy months of July and August, offerings and shrines everywhere, cheap taxis, and a huge selection of inexpensive restaurants serving everything from babi gulling (the local roast suckling pig speciality), through Malay vegetarian cuisine, Greek, Spanish, French, Chinese, Indian, etc. etc.

We were staying at a place called Seminyak,  south west of Denpasar, the capital, with a friend who has retired there and has lived there for the last 4 years.  Most people go to Bali, we discovered, for surfing and diving and most of them stay in the main resort of Kuta (fortunately not right on our doorstep). G’s apartment was just 5 minutes walk from the beach. The beaches are dangerous (which is why they are so good for surfing) as the waves and  currents are strong; there are regularly accidents involving swimmers.

Beaches are important spiritual places as many temple ceremonies take place on the beach if there is a sea temple nearby. The temple at Seminyak is  one of the sea temples. Beaches are important meeting places where people go to relax in the evening and at weekends. Exercise classes are also organised on them.

This is another favourite beach activity – kite flying

It has been so difficult to work out how best to describe what we saw and how to categorise the pictures that I have divided my posts up as follows:

Agricultural Bali


Artistic Bali

Spiritual Bali (this is by far the most extensive so it’s in two parts. Part one and part two.

click on the links above to go to the relevant posts.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every word and every photo. You are the best tour guide ever!!

    A girl I grew up with married a very wealthy textile manufacturer and they live in Bali. I’m thinking I need to renew that acquaintance!!

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