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Singapore Jurong bird park

On our last day we went to visit the Jurong bird park. First we went around the park on the monorail to get an overview and decide which parts we most wanted to visit. I particularly wanted to visit the “jungle jewels” and “south east Asian bird” sections.

a “superb starling”

a “golden breasted starling”

brightly coloured macaws


a shoebill

this gorgeous member of the stork family posed for ages for me but my photos don’t do justice to his beautiful irridescent plumage

another stork with a colourful beak, a Japanese crane and a couple of herons

a beautiful copper sculpture of a pelican

and the real thing

a weird and wonderful cassowary

in the Lory aviary

a racquet-tailed drongo

a Nicobar pigeon

feeding time

a crowned pigeon

and finally a group of sun conures


Comments on: "Singapore Jurong bird park" (1)

  1. The birds are lovely! The shoebill looks as though it is ready to have a talk and could be part of a cartoon. The cassowary is pretty strange but looks somewhat like a cross between a turkey and a chicken. Those sun conures are quite beautiful.

    Thanks for another wonderful trip! Where are we going next?

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