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I recently joined a digital photography club. We started with 3 of us but now we are down to 2 as the other member has left for another job. So now the 2 of us go out regularly to photograph our surroundings and to encourage each other to get the best out of our digital cameras. My partner in crime as it were has a super digital SLR and I have a small pocket sized Olympus.

Our first exercise was to take some sunset photos using a tripod (or not)

the wild fennel plants – about 5 feet tall – make wonderful silhouettes

the following week we went to Turgutreis market, one of the largest markets in the area where you can buy almost anything:  nargile water pipes

mobile telephone pouches

good luck ornaments which nearly always incorporate a blue bead for protection against the evil eye. I am not sure how Dutch clogs got to be considered good luck symbols and there’s no accounting for taste!

you can find these blue beads everywhere – on houses, in cars, as jewellery, etc.

hand crocheted edging for headscarves

handmade dolls. The expression “where did you get that hat” springs to mind

bubble machines

a glass of tea from the tea man

homemade jams and marmelades with their proud producer

dried red chillies by the stringfull

nuts and raisins

sweets galore – that weekend signalled the end of Ramadan and was going to be celebrated by the “sugar holiday” when children go round collecting sweets from the neighbours

Turkish delight

strings of cinammon, cloves and a few nazar beads for good luck. I think the other spice is dried ginger.

old turkmen beaded decorations

dried sunflower seed heads

and zucchini flowers

altogether a feast for the senses.


Comments on: "Sunset and Turgutreis market" (11)

  1. These are wonderful compositions, Carol. And I love following you around Turkey.

  2. stephanie hansen said:

    What you bring to Soul Food makes you an official treasure, Carol. I adore you for bringing this to us. What gorgeous life.


  3. Gorgeous- hope to see you there next year maybe!

  4. Ah, you said it well, a feast for the senses!

  5. Oooooooooooooo, sweetie, you can take me with you to this market any time!!! I could decorate my house here, including the water-pipe lights! What an awesome day it must have been!!


  6. What a wonderful idea…to have a partner in crime, I mean photography. Your subject matter is certainly not anything I will ever see on my own. I am so blessed to have you to look through a viewfinder for me! Thank you sooooo very much, Carol!

  7. You really do have a knack of capturing the richness of these market places. It is always such a treat to go walk about with you.

  8. Oh wow! That looks like it woul have been a great place to go to! Love the dried spices with the blue beads. So colorful.

  9. Sheer delight–Thank you, Fran

  10. I love your photos. The rich colours are so evocative.

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