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Helgas challenge number 3

Helga’s challenge this week was to “get inspired by colour”. First you had to choose a picture from a magazine that had a colour scheme you would base your collage on, then pull out from your stash supplies incorporating those colours. My inspiration picture was of some china with a pink-white-gold colour scheme. This actually proved quite a difficult colour scheme to use.

This is the inspiration picture

This is the collage resulting from this choice



Comments on: "Helgas challenge number 3" (5)

  1. Oh, your piece is breathtaking, Carol! LOVE it! : )

  2. My first thought when I looked at this piece was ‘More Flower than Leaf’, and I realised that all artists are just that, ‘More flower than leaf’. They toos all their beauty out to the world and live on the ‘secondhand smoke’ from it.

    Full of interesting depth and sleek passion.


  3. Love your soft color theme and your use of leaves. Great work 🙂

  4. Pinks are hard colors to work with but you have pulled it off beautifully.

  5. That’s beautiful – so subtle and dreamy.

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