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Our next excursion, two weeks consecutively in fact because we were so taken with the place, took us to the abandoned Greek village of Sandima. Only two houses are occupied now. One by Osman, in his eighties and in search of someone to be wife number 3 (not all at once!)

and Nuris who owns and operates the “art house”. The following are pictures taken in and of his house and garden. Both he and his wife are artists and the house is full of their colourful creations.

this figure greets all visitors

elsewhere in the garden

and a necklace of “nazar” beads for protection against the evil eye

on the roof terrace

embroidered pictures

pieces of art


specially for AM

As we drove up the valley into the hills you could see that there would be masses of wildflowers here in the spring but now in the autumn it looks distinctly dry. The houses – not so old, since they were only abandoned in the 1920’s – are now nothing more than crumbling ruins with a fantastic view.

the fountain just in front of Nuris’ house

view from one of the abandoned buildings

Further over on the hillside (we have yet to explore this far) is another abandoned village.

I thought these ruins would be perfect for experimenting with black and white or sepia pictures.


Comments on: "another photography club excursion" (7)

  1. Once again you have inspired me to add another pin in the map to places I would like to see. These photos really are fantastic. I especially love the one throught the window. I used that technique when visiting the Anazai cliff dwellings in Colorado a some years back. It was packed with people so I used the window to block them out. It was funny as I was bent down focusing and I turned around to find several people bending down to see what I was seeing. Ha ha! Made ’em look!

  2. What a beautiful variety of pictures. Art is everywhere and it always brings pleasure to the viewer.


  3. I love all the pictures but my favorites are the first wooden figure and the shot of his colorfuly purple and blue doors. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful expression of being. Fran

  5. stephanie hansen said:

    These wonderful pictures further encourage me to live an art-filled life. I’m always so grateful to you for bringing the world to us. It is reassuring to know and see that art is everywhere.

  6. What terrific photos – I like the sepia one but the art garden ones are inspirational – both for the content and the great crisp photographic images

  7. Your composition is absolutely remarkable Carol. Seeing your work makes me think about what I could be doing. I have been in a bit of a quiet period after such a busy year and need some inspiration. Mind you, these photos might inspire me to get an airline ticket and just take off.

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