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Helgas challenge number 7

This week Helga challenged us to do a project of our choice eg.  something you might have seen on the internet, or in a craft book and always wanted to try out. Funny thing is, I just woke up the next morning and thought “I’m going to make an icon”. A few of years ago I made a series of ATCs for an exchange on the subject of the icons but I hadn’t tried to make a larger one. This is the result.

These are the ATCs

It occurred to me later that these would make lovely gift tags.


Comments on: "Helgas challenge number 7" (8)

  1. Beautiful! How did you achieve the crackle effect on some of these?

  2. Your icon is lovely, serene, and the colors are wonderful. The ACT’s are beautiful as well. You do very nice work!

  3. Do you know why I loved these?
    They made me want to touch them, that’s usually not what I feel when I see images like these.

  4. These are all wonderful and the cracking makes them look so authentic and aged. Your new one is just lovely–is the silver robe cloth? So sweet. I love madonna and child representations in art.

    • I hadn’t thought of using cloth, Barbara, that’s a very good idea for next time. In fact the silver stuff is just aluminium foil but the matte side rather than the shiny side. I stamped images on it but the ink didn’t dry properly and has smudged a bit and I used a black felt tip pen to draw the folds of the robe.

  5. These are wonderful, Carol! Thanks so much for playing in my art challenge! Agreed, your ATCs would make lovely gift tags! : )

  6. great ATCs…love the crackle effect

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