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snapshots from Thailand

Here is a miscellany of photos I took while we were in Thailand, staying on the island of Koh Samui,  earlier this year

A new year’s decoration on the door of a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok

flowers on water

four photos of the secret garden of Tanrim. Alll the figures were made out of concrete. In wet weather much more water flows through this tiny valley but there had not been any rain when we went so the stream bed was pretty dry

In Wat Khunaram there sits a  mummified monk in a glass case, wrapped in his orange robe. He is wearing dark glasses as the dried out eye sockets are (apparently) not a pretty sight (no pun intended!).

another building in the same complex

with its splendid naga staircase

inside there is a cat’s cradle of strings across the hall to prevent bad spirits from entering

outside in the grounds we found these seed pods. The outer casing was as hard as wood and they just exploded and crashed to the floor scattering the winged seeds in all directions

a sacred bo tree has been wrapped in lengths of colourful fabric

the young bo tree leaves are a beautiful bronze colour

fishing boats on my favourite beach

spider lilly in the garden

the golden stupa of a new temple in Chaweng

Valentine dunkin’ donuts

the Big Buddha at Maenam

a cat sleeps peacefully amongst the trinkets on sale in the temple complex

In the next village of Plai Leam, a new temple complex has been built. We have nicknamed it Wat O.T.T. (over the top)

It’s a riot of colour and oversized images

the temple in the background is sitting in a lotus flower

inside the temple

another weird and wonderful building, this time a private house we think, with lots of mirror tiles everywhere

a blue waterlily

a selection of good luck/prosperity charms and amulets on a stall at the night market

a pair of puppets, also spotted at the night market

A pair of olive backed sunbirds re-used the nest hanging outside our bathroom window and laid two eggs in it which successfully hatched. Both parents fed the “oiseaux sisters” as I called them (they were both females) at approximately ten minute intervals during the daylight hours and the mother spent the nights in the nest – I have no idea how all three of them managed to squash in together. The larger fledgeling dominated the nest and left a couple of days earlier than the smaller one, which hung around for two or three days in the hedge before finally departing.

Comments on: "snapshots from Thailand" (4)

  1. what an amazing riot of color and i assume smells and sounds. i especially like the cat asleep amongst the trinkets and the very odd house–it brings Gaudi to mind for some reason. your photos and commentary are greatly appreciated by those of us whose travel is restricted.

  2. such beautiful pictures – love the buildings, all that colour and wonderful shapes. My youngest daughter is in Thailand right now and having seen your pictures i am sure she is in her element 🙂

  3. What fabulous places you visit. There are so many photos to drool over here – I loved the private house with the crazy roof. All the images are terrific 🙂

  4. You always find the most interesting compositions… I love the ribbons tied around the bo tree and the sleeping cat. Beautiful.

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