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We all got up late and breakfasted late. Pete decided he wanted to stay at the hotel for the morning so we took Chris to the red springs at Karahayıt. The water has a high iron content which therefore colours the deposits red. This strange-looking object is a cross between a fountain and a spring at the entrance of the village

where we dangled our feet in the mud pool and I chatted to one of the ladies who was doing the same thing (on a 10 day break).

Since it was a tea garden we had tea and managed to identify a shrub which Chris had seen in France but had been unable to discover its name – it’s an ornamental pomegranate with double flowers (orange edged in white) which loosely resembles a carnation.

We returned to the hotel to get Pete and to go up to Pamukkale itself. The information provided by the hotel said that the best time to go was between 4-5pm until sunset. On previous visits we have been early in the morning but in fact going late afternoon was much better.  We first went for a dip in Cleopatra’s pool, which has fallen columns providing convenient seating and a water temperature of 36 degrees C.

We stayed in the pool for about an hour, changed and had an ice cream and then went off to explore the travertine terraces.

There was much more water in the pools and flowing over the terraces than when we were here last October. We stayed to watch the sunset and although the colours were not very impressive it was lovely watching the changing light and shadows.

Chris and I were also highly amused by the antics of the many other tourists who were were busy taking photos of the sunset and each other.  When we left the site the skylarks were still singing. We returned to the hotel for dinner and bed.


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