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We breakfasted under the ivy, again a typical Turkish breakfast of tomatoes, olives, rocket, cheese, a boiled egg and bread and jam, and finally set off at 10.30. There was masses of yellow broom in flower along our route as well as pomegranate trees in flower, yellow prickly pears and blood red poppies. It is breeding time for the land-bound tortoises and a couple of these venerable creatures crossed the road in front of us. In Finike mating tortoises on the move is obviously something of a problem as signs have been erected along the main road warning you of their possible presence on the road.

We stopped in Kalkan for lunch at Kapitan’s Table (where DH and I had eaten on a previous visit). The owner, Ali, used to work in the restaurant in London’s House of Commons as a certificate on the wall attests.

We then continued our drive to Fethiye where we got pretty lost in its convoluted one way system. We managed to find our way down to the Calış plajı where we sat right at the sea’s edge for a drink. From there we drove to Dalyan. We found the road our hotel was in but drove straight past it as the sign was obscured by a tree. We stayed in the quirkily named Sandy Brown Hotel where our room had a beautiful pomegranate seed coloured bedspread, cushions and curtains. The towels had been folded in a fan shape and bougainvillaea flowers had been placed in the pleats. Kamel, the manager made us feel very welcome. He recommended we eat in the Gölbaşı restaurant which provided a shuttle service thus giving DH a break from driving. It was set at the edge of the reed beds and there were terrapins in the water as well as ducks.

We all ordered something different – prawn casserole, grilled fish, grilled quails and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


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