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Bristol museum and docks

While visiting Bristol recently I visited the museum where there was an exhibition of art by New World Artists. These are some of the artworks:

“An unusual evening”, created out of a pile of books whose spines have been painted

Experiments in flight, painting on birch wood

a painting by Sylvia Ji

wet tea party

two spirits

silent partner

love letters

the fish market

mixed media collage, the flood

mixed media, Svarovski crystal – Cerberus

and finally, my favourite – requiem for the raven queen

19th July was the 40th anniversary of the return of the SS Great Britain to her home port of Bristol. Ignorant of this fact we decided to visit the restored ship and museum, not realising that it was going to be inundated by visitors! The SS Great Britain was built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. At first she served as a passenger ship, then as a wind jammer (when her engines were removed) when she was transporting coal and finally as a transport ship for the emigrants to Australia.

Visitors first pass through the museum and then on to the ship herself. When you consider that maximum capacity was over 600 the conditions for the less well-off passengers must have been awful especially on the long crossing to Australia. The cabins were minuscule and the beds were short and very narrow.

a Dutch houseboat, complete with onboard garden, docked at Bristol


Comments on: "Bristol museum and docks" (3)

  1. Carol, you are right: I love the pelican. And that raven woman is amazing.

  2. Loved them all, but the Raven Queen was a really winner in my book…probably not a big surprise to you. I am working on my travel blog so stay tuned. I really appreciate all the work you go through to share your travels with us!

  3. Carol, incredible, loved the book painting and of course Raven works. My goodness, there are so many distinct pieces of art that it is astonishing. And if that ship could speak! Melbourne bound no less, very interesting post, loved it.

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