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postcards from the UK

View into the back garden at my parents’ house


pink astrantia flowers, also in my parents’ garden

a natural still life

a mossy seat in my cousin’s garden


another contribution from the Bristol-based guerrilla/graffiti artist Banksy

Last year he organised a surprise exhibition in Bristol museum. Nobody knew it was being organised and it was only publicised the day before it opened. It was swamped with visitors, to such an extent that the road next to the museum had to be closed to hold all the people queueing to get into the exhibition. We were not among the lucky ones.

We saw more street art in an exhibition space at the end of London’s famous Portobello Road.

This fabulous building, of Turkish inspiration, is called the Bath House and is apparently a bar cum restaurant – it’s tiny!

This is the beautiful fan-vaulted ceiling of the cloisters of St Bart’s church, where we heard the last part of a jazz concert


the windmill at Saxtead Green in Suffolk against a stormy sky


a view across the mere of Framlingham castle at sunset (we were attending a wedding at Framlingham College that day and this is the view from the school – wish I could have gone to school in such a wonderful place!)

the curiously named Eel’s foot pub sign where we went for a drink

a view of Haddon Common, a typical Exmoor heathland landscape


Comments on: "postcards from the UK" (6)

  1. Stunning! Absolutely gorgeous.

    BTW, I saw a video clip about The Woodland Trust, an organization in the UK with the goal of replanting woodland all over the country. Here’s the

    Very cool.

  2. Wow! You certainly saw different parts of the country than I did. We drove within 10 miles of Bristol where our tour guide, Satyen Kells, lives. We didn’t get to see that amazing grafitti in London either. Nevertheless, your photos are absolutely lovely.

  3. Beautiful, your pictures are so evocative – bringing so many wonderful memories to the surface for me, lovely, thank you.

  4. Wonderful images, Carol. Makes me homesick seing that I was born and raised in the UK.


  5. Marvellous Carol. I think the Banksy phenomenon is huge! Love the flowers and scenes — all of it wonderful!

  6. Inspirational Carol!

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