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Essential Jane


A few years ago my friend Jane told me about a recent trip she had made to the UK to attend the annual gathering of essence practitioners. Essence practitioners make and/or use essences in their healing work. Jane, who is also a crystal therapist, is a certified essence maker. She makes essences from crystals and trees and has recently started making 3 new types of essences which contain the spirit of trees, places of worship dedicated to a variety of madonnas and other old places in Luxembourg, of which there is an abundance. They form an important archive of ancient energies that are fast disappearing from our countryside. She also produces postcards, using her own photos of some of the trees and the old places as well as note cards. She is in the process of making up information sheets about the essences.

At the get-together the essence practitioners, most of whom make their own essences,  each have a stand where they sell or simply display their essences. The practitioners are always keen to see what the others have produced and Jane was experimenting in a completely new field. She carefully prepared a selection of all her essences as well as some display boards on which she put some of the postcards. It was at this point that the spirits of the essences started to make their presences felt, jostling each other’s bottles around and insisting on having a place on the display boards. She began to notice that they were male and female as well and that they were really excited to be going on a trip. She explained to me that the spirits are as individual and eccentric as the country from where they originate! She packed everything into the car and set off, aware that she had a car-full of excited spirits. (If you have ever read Joanna Simon’s ‘Bramble Wine’ you’ll know what this feels like).

Jane set up her stand in the room where the practitioners were meeting and went off to look at some of the other stands. When she returned to her own stand it was to a find a lady who greeted her with relief and said that she was so glad that my friend had returned as she was “stuck” at the stand and couldn’t get away. This lady works with the wild dolphins off Tenerife (in the Canary Islands) and explained that she always needs grounding after she returns from one of these trips. Like her essences, she is a fluid character representing the sparkle of sunlight on the seas and the movement of the water.  This apparent “getting stuck” happened to several more people during the course of the weekend and my friend finally realised what was happening. Her own spirit essences are very firmly land-based and, in the case of the dolphin lady, they were simply fascinated by the creators of essences so alien to their own and were keeping the lady at the stand while they “examined” her.

At the end of the show Jane explained to the spirits that they would not be returning to Luxembourg with her and were there to be sold. The spirits were somewhat surprised at this and, probably discussed their fate with each other…. For, on the morning of the last day, one of her friends, Andrew,  a GP (general practitioner doctor) and essence practitioner who lives in Somerset, bought all the spirit essences except the crystal ones.  She concluded that the spirits had decided that they would like to stay together and had “chosen” the person they felt most suitable to be sold to. I suggested to her that the fact that Andrew comes from Somerset – a very “old” place in the UK and home to Glastonbury and Silbury Hill was what had attracted the spirits to him.

Jane said the car felt quite empty on her drive back to Luxembourg.

Since writing this she has been to the island of Malta to collect energies from the many ancient sites there. Her new website is now up and running if you are interested in learning more about her essences.


Comments on: "Essential Jane" (3)

  1. Delightful story. It seems as though essences have a life of their own.


  2. Well told, Carol. I’m not certain where reality ends and fantasy begins…. 🙂

  3. Like Lori I wasn’t sure where to place the line between reality and fantasy. It was an illuminating read. Over here in Australia you can get bush flower essences – they are very powerful too.

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