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Bath and Bristol

A couple of days before Christmas we went to Bath for the day to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and to go to that most British of theatrical offerings, the pantomime – Aladdin – in the recently and beautifully refurbished Theatre Royal in Bath. We started off by visiting Mr B’s, an independent bookseller and a dying breed.


This wall on the way to one of the upper floors had been “wall papered” with cartoons from one of the Tintin books


and this was one wall of the toilet

two views of Bath Abbey


an angel statue in the park

Pulteney weir

we went into the public art gallery (to warm up a bit) and saw this sculpture entitled the Lady Hare

According to the blurb the Lady Hare “was devised as a companion for the Minotaur, although in this work his place is taken by the dog. To Sophie Ryder (the artist) the Lady Hare’s ears represent human hair, and the figure can be interpreted as a self portrait”.

Both this gallery and another one had obviously opted for a new trend – upside down Christmas trees

views through the window of an interior decor shop whose stock appeared to consist of white things – very difficult to photograph successfully so I have had to darken the colours a bit
201012220156_Bath-interior design shop

201012220157_Bath-interior design shop

201012220159_Bath-interior design shop

view of the back garden of my family’s house

crows helping themselves to the food my mother had put out for the bird (not intended for the crows!)

The vintage photo frame I gave my sister for her Christmas present
vintage photo
In the afternoon of Christmas Day we went for a walk. These two are photos of the cemetery and the walk way in Birdcage Walk.


This is Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol – an outstanding example of a Georgian terrace
frost covered pampas grass
view from the communal garden of the Paragon, Clifton



the gold coloured smoke is in fact steam coming out from the basement area of this building.
View of the frontage of some of the houses in the Paragon

Another Georgian terrace, West Mall, Clifton
Two Christmas window displays


PS apologies for the poor quality of some of the photos – with a white sky and snow everywhere many of the photos, taken on automatic setting, have resulted in being over exposed.


Comments on: "Bath and Bristol" (8)

  1. Lovely photos. Actually, I like the effect that the overexposure has on some of these images. It gives them an aged effect.

    Stay warm!

  2. Fabulous photos – i particularly love the feel of the bookshop, sad that so many of these independent sellers are going out of business. Our early winter here captured so beautifully – and how intriguing the shop with only white pieces .. lovely journey, thank you.

    • the bookshop was great. It even offered bookshop spa therapy! you could shut yourself away in a sort of corner cupboard, be served hot chocolate and get away from it all. It was also obvious that the bookshop was staffed by people who loved books and knew what they were talking about. They also obviously to try to get children interested in books.

  3. Great pictures. Like Pelican, I liked the effect created by the overexposure. I’d love to visit that bookshop. It is too bad that these small independents are going out of business. It’s happening here too. Unfortunately they just can’t compete with mega stores and we all, those of us that truly love books, are the losers. The experience of visiting one of these small shops and searching the shelves for those printed treasures is unmatched. I’ve been known to spend hours browsing the shelves and coming away with a stack of treasures found.


  4. Yes, this was a lovely Christmas tour to be taken on! Have a happy new year, all!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tour!!Beautiful photos Carol!

  6. I love the photos, especially the one with the red ornaments on the white couch. It is great to see Bath in the winter as I was there in the summer. The golden steam was a great catch! Thank you so much!!

  7. hazel Jarvis said:

    Great pictures, esp the back garden view.

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