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From an art journal prompt I decided to create a planner for the month of March for myself. Since I have very few art supplies with me at the moment I decided to cut up a map that  had come with a copy of Asian Geographic to make the background. I then used a bottle top dipped in black poster paint to stamp the days of the month.

art journal March planner

It had never occurred to me to incorporate a monthly planner into my art journal but now it seems like a very good idea!


Comments on: "art journal prompt – March planner" (6)

  1. You’re inspiring me, Carol. This is a great idea.

  2. oh indeed it is a good idea – looks great too 🙂

  3. Very good idea- last year I started redrawing a map of Barcelona- adding what i thought areas of the city invoked…. with some gel pens.I have no idea where I have put it now though.

  4. Nancy Chandler ( produces wonderfully illustrated maps of Bangkok and Thailand. I would love to do something similar one of these in my CFT (copious free time) of which I seem to have precious little

  5. Oh I love that idea! Perhaps I’ll do that when we travel later this year! It would be a nice way to make a planner for our trip.

  6. Suzanne said:

    That’s cool – it looks great

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