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digital experiments

I have been experimenting with putting textured overlays on some of my photos. These are my very first attempts:

wild fennel sky01-Jills moon fabric texture overlay copy

This one of a fennel plant silhouetted against the sky uses one of Jill’s photos of a piece of her fabric weaving. I love this photo and have a feeling it’s going to be used lots more times!

Two versions of the same gardenia photo
gardenia-cambodian stone texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a photo of a Cambodian stone frieze

201103120207_gardenia-wooden door texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a wooden door texture

201103120197-yellow hibiscus-sanskrit texture overlay copy

yellow hibiscus with a sanskrit text overlay

201103020087_white-frangipani-nylon fishing line overlay copy

white frangipani with a white nylon fishing line overlay

and last but not least
201103020090_white-frangipani-ceramic jar overlay copy

the ceramic jar was very colourful but I was interested to see what effect the overlay would have

At this stage I haven’t tried to do anything more complicated than overlay a single texture over the top of a photograph. Experiments with changing opacity, etc. may come later but it has taken me ages to do this successfully. I found a very good tutorial at the studioCalico. I would point out that rather than “open” both photos I used the “file>place” function for the photo of the texture. I used PSE8 for this.


Comments on: "digital experiments" (10)

  1. You can try limiting the area that the texture is applied to. 🙂

    Use the eraser, in a soft brush (the blurred round looking brush) to remove the texture image little by little, leaving only the parts you want.

  2. oh these are beautiful, what a wonderful beginning!

  3. These are truly special texture adds a magical quality. Fran

  4. porchsitter said:

    Wish I could do that—-very nice!

  5. I love, love, love these! Right up my alley! 🙂

  6. What a beautiful idea – I love the flower overlaid with Sanskrit. Good work, look forward to seeing more.

  7. These are lovely. The first one is my favourite – gorgeous effect. I also love the flower with the text overlay. Well done.

  8. Your work is an inspiration Carol. Just gorgeous

  9. hey carol…
    digital photography/art opens up a whole new world!!! love these….
    xo samm

  10. Beautiful work! The top blue one is my favorite. 🙂

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