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Kuala Lumpur II

Next morning DH was still feeling shattered so I breakfasted on my own and we stayed in our room until midday. At 1pm we took a taxi to the museum of Islamic art, which was fantastic. It was housed in a purpose-built building on two floors and was light and airy with just the right amount of exhibits to give a good overview of the subject.  There were models of buildings, clothes, ceramics, jewellery, glassware and illuminated manuscripts.  We spent a couple of hours looking around and admiring the ceramics in particular. A surprisingly large number of them were Turkish in origin.

museum entrance column

inside the museum, looking out towards the modern national mosque

beautiful domed ceiling in the museum

inverted domed ceiling on the ground floor of the museum

beautiful dome on the roof of the museum

ceramic displays

ceramic displays




Alhambra lustreware

19the century Indian carved ivory sandals with toe support – and I thought this was a modern invention!!

On the other side of the road was the very impressive national mosque which is also unique in its star-shaped design



We took a taxi back to the hotel and then explored the area behind the hotel – Bukit Bitang. We found an Irish pub called Healy Mac and opposite it was restaurant called El Cerdito which advertised itself as porkielicious so I guess it’s a pork meat restaurant. We returned to the hotel and got showered and changed ready for our evening out.

Chinese horoscope installation outside one of the shopping malls

Before leaving we took advantage of the hotel welcome drink – albeit non alcoholic. I had a mint tonic – lemon peel, lemon juice, lots of mint, brown sugar and tonic water – very good, and a bit like a non-alcoholic mojito. This drink was so good that I drank it many more times while we were on holiday.

Unfortunately the time of departure for our evening trip coincided with a lion dancing performance outside Times Square which I would have loved to watch as we hadn’t seen any this year. It always amazes me how athletic they are as they leap on top of the posts set at different heights and how much coordination is required as there are 2 people inside each costume. From what we could see it looked as if these were really good dancers and the area was packed. There was lots of traffic as well as Times Square is a very popular shopping destination on Saturdays.

The driver took us first to Chinatown where we wandered around for an hour. It was full of the usual knock-off stuff which we had already seen elsewhere.

entrance to the temple/school

inside the market area


inside a shop selling typical red and gold decorations – a real treasure trove

bouquets with a difference, probably left over from St Valentine’s day

Then we were driven to the Menara tower where we took the lift up to the revolving restaurant and enjoyed a really excellent buffet and a wonderful view of the city of lights as KL is called. The starters included the best smoked salmon we’d ever eaten and the main courses were Malay.

mirrored domed ceiling in the reception area of the Menara tower

view of the Petronas towers from the revolving restaurant

the city of lights at night

At 9.30 we went back down and were driven back to the hotel where we had a last drink before going upstairs to bed.

On  Sunday morning we decided not to have breakfast after last night’s extravaganza, so took our time surfacing. Because of the problems we had experienced with the car not turning up for our arrival at the airport the hotel manager  said the hotel would provide transport for us to the airport as compensation so one of their drivers drove us to Subang airport. The drive took little over 20 minutes as there was very little traffic about. We had to wait another hour before we could check in as the Berjaya counter only opens 1 hour before the flight time.

We really enjoyed our short visit to KL and hope to return as there was lots that we wanted to see but two days wasn’t enough to see it all.


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  1. Sounds so wonderful.

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