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Flight to Lemuria

I am far away from Lemuria at the moment, my feet weighted to the ground. I need to feel the air upon my face, the wind blowing through my hair, to access my creative muse again and to cast off this burden called Responsibility. To this end I have decided to fly by hot air balloon to Lemuria and have made the necessary arrangements. I am so excited both to be returning to Lemuria and to be taking off again.



I rise early in the morning for hot air balloons need to be alight and aloft before the winds wake up to their full potential. It’s so still and the sun hasn’t risen yet. It’s peaceful. Even the street dogs are still twitching in their dreams of long-lost bones. I make my way to the open space from where we’ll be taking off. The basket is still anchored to the ground with the ropes snaking over the ground towards the brightly coloured envelope (that’s what the silk part of the balloon is called). I am helped into the basket by the crew and the ground staff begin to blast the hot air into the envelope which slowly fills and the colours are revealed. Soon the balloon is fully inflated and the basket is bobbing in its excitement to be up and away.  I hum snatches of the song “Up, up and away” under my breath.


The ropes are released and the balloon drifts slowly upwards and we’re off. Soon we’re high above the ground and I think that the animals I can see far below me in the field are rabbits. This impression is quickly corrected when I am reliably informed that they are in fact deer! Up here there is no way to judge one’s distance off the ground by eye alone. Apart from the song of the larks and the rush of the flames into the envelope we are surrounded by total silence. We are still climbing as there is a range of mountains over which we must fly. Far below me now I can see strange rock formations and note where the tree line has finished, revealing only stark brown rocks. I am in heaven….

I wasn’t the only one taking off this morning, others followed in my wake although heading to different destinations, each of them seeking something personal, something missing from their humdrum lives. As we turned to head over the mountains I looked behind me to see the other balloons.


We drift over a high mountain pool, the cloudless sky mirrored in its flat surface and gradually start our descent. I can see the abbey in the far distance, its honey coloured stonework rises gracefully at the edge of a small wood. Slowly the air is released from the balloon and we drift downwards. As we approach the ground helpers from the abbey run to meet us and chase after the ropes with which they will anchor us to the ground again. The basket bumps down on to the field. I have been expecting this and cling tightly to the edge of the basket, this is when limbs can get injured but today no one is hurt. I clamber out of the basket and bid farewell to the crew who will be resting at the abbey until they can take off again at dusk.

As we pass through the arch into the abbey I can see the abbess making her way down the path to greet me and whisk me off into the kitchens where I’ll be given something delicious to drink which will wipe away my worldly cares and my new adventures will begin.

The real abbey at Orval, in Belgium, the ruins of the old one and the modern one, on which my imagined Lemurian abbey is based:
Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey

Orval Abbey


Comments on: "Flight to Lemuria" (9)

  1. This was such fun. 🙂 I loved how you incorporated the pictures.

  2. What a wonderful way to travel! Your story and photos are up to your usual awesome standards and I love the way you incorporated with your artwork.

  3. What a delight to begin the day reading this fantastical description of your return to Lemuria Carol. Just loved it. And clearly the Orval Abbey was envisioned by someone who had passed through Lemuria and stayed at the Lemurian Abbey.

  4. shewolfy728 said:

    What a marvelous way to travel to Lemuria, Carol!

  5. A spectacular portal to the inner world of Lemuria.

  6. What a wonderful way to return to Lemuria, you had the Abbey staff all agog! I felt like I was floating along with you. Balloons are magical—always wanted to ride in one. Beautiful photos and artwork!

  7. How wonderf7ul to look from my window in the Abbey, and see that balloon land so close to us!! You certainly have everyone awake and excited. Well done sweetie!!


  8. What a wonderful trip through the sky to the landscape of your soul. I love how you combine imagery and words. And your photos of the Abbey are so evocative. It is all just perfect!

  9. Balloon is such a very cool way to arrive! Loved the images included and the photographs of your imagined Abbey.

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