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Iris Sibirica

Iris Sibirica’s clothes were as exotic as her name. Blessed with a Spring complexion she could wear clothes of any colour and indeed her wardrobe was extensive. Most of the time she wore a pale green underskirt with overskirts or panels of different colours and gauzy blouses of pale and contrasting colours.  The overskirts were invariably richly coloured with a velvety texture picked out in gold braid. Some of the more exotic ones looked as if they had raised embroidery work on them. A blouse of palest yellow would be contrasted with a pinky bronze. Sometimes she wore dresses of one colour, deep and vibrant, with frilly edges, fashioned from luxurious velvets and chenilles or pale and floaty made from delicate lace or voiles with the just the hint of a colour. Whatever she wore she was beautiful.


I made the photo mosaic using one of Flickr’s tools, the photos are all by Flickr members.


Comments on: "Iris Sibirica" (6)

  1. Oooooooooo!! I have truly enjoyed oooh-ing and aaahh-iong over the irises, I do so love irises. Thank you so much for sharing htem.


  2. I never knew her wardrobe was this extensive. In my area the purples seem to be her favorite color. What a feast for the eyes!

  3. One of my favorite flowers!

  4. Truly truly lovely, thank you. Fran

  5. Iris are the most amazing flowers with their varying colors. We have an incredible iris garden here in Sacramento.

    I want to know where she shops as I can imagine myself in colorful gauzy fabrics!

  6. This was truly wonderful and creative! I like the personification.

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