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Fish art journal page

Two versions of a fish page I made for my art journal (prompt by Tee on FB in the Milliande art journal group)



version 1


version 2 with overlay of netting.

I couldn’t decided which one I liked best so I have posted both of them.

The background is blue and green acrylic paint smooched over with a credit card. The fish are stamped on tissue paper and then adhered to the background. The shells were stamped directly onto the acrylic background


Comments on: "Fish art journal page" (4)

  1. lovely – i like the layers here – both with and without the net 🙂

  2. The tule adds some texture, but the one without is more vibrant. I like them both.

  3. I’m agreeing with the gals–I also like them both.

    BTW–thank you for commenting on my blog. I clicked to approve it and it disappeared. Very strange.

  4. I really like the first Carol. The tulle gives the impression of netting which must be one of the scariest things for fish 🙂 Having said this I do like the texture.

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